Vacationers taking mud baths at Lake Chokrak

Saki Mud

Vacationers taking mud baths at Lake Chokrak
by RIA Novosti - Alexey Malgavko
More than two centuries after the installation of the first Russian health resort, Saki's healing muds have become world-famous and have contributed to the development of the resort. Thermal mud is renowned for its therapeutic power and its benefits to our bodies.

Take benefits of the Saki's thermal muds

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One of the most famous lakes, where mud treatment has been established for several centuries, is located near Saki. Saki Lake is the main source of thermal mud used for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Its mud is rich in salts, minerals, high-reactive bromine, and boron. The medicinal value of the Saki Lake mud is in its organic substances, biostimulants, lipids, vitamins, enzymes, hormones, iron sulfides, and water-soluble salts. The water from this lake is a brine rich in bromine, boron, chloride, magnesium, and sodium. In its soluble form, this brine is used for therapeutic showers and baths.

Mud therapy is a safe and highly effective alternative to medication when it comes to many diseases.

Mud baths, wraps, and applications are beneficial for treating disorders of the musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, digestion, genitourinary, and gynecological systems, as well as skin conditions. Therapeutic mud has a wide range of healing effects on the body: it relaxes muscles, dilates blood vessels, regenerates tissues and stimulates the immune system.

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