About Crimea Inspire

Crimea Inspire was once just a dream that owners Pierre and Evgeny liked to entertain over glasses of wines and cheese plates. Once they proposed to each other that showcasing their beloved country and make it discover to foreigners was an actual possibility, they got to work. How could two travel enthusiasts take people around Crimea? The answer was obvious: showcase Crimea on the internet and create dedicated high-level services for foreigners. They joined forces and immediately ventured into Crimea inspire to come up with the best routes, places, and tailored services for foreigners.

Evgeny (The local)

Native Crimean, father of two children, creator of a flourishing company in Moscow, where he had moved a few years earlier, and travel lover. When given the proposition to start a new adventure and take the leap of faith with a Crimea tourism promoting company… how could Evgeny say no?

Pierre (The global citizen)

It was in 2017 when France-born co-owner Pierre moved to Moscow, in Russia, and started to travel around the country and fell in love with Crimea when he walked for the first time there. He had many past successes after studying management, marketing, tourism, and international hospitality, living in Southern France, and working as marketing director of a seaside resort. After working 3 jobs and pushing himself to the limits for God knows how long, an epiphany came to light in 2020: he realized drastic changes had to take place. On the edge of the Black Sea, along the paths of the Karabi Mountains, in the streets of Simferopol, Sevastopol, and Yalta, he found an atmosphere he had been searching for and for which he had until then only encountered in separate ways. This set the birth of Crimea Inspire into motion. Weeks later, he found his business partner, Evgeny, and together they began this journey.

Now – the year 2021 – is starting our adventure. An adventure in which we wish to inspire you, make you discover and experience Crimea, make you feel, and touch the Crimean soul. As the months go by, our website will be enriched with new content and new services.


Our main goal is for Crimea Inspire to become Crimea’s #1 high-end tourism company by connecting you with the Crimea we love, creating memories that last a lifetime. We want to change people’s perspectives of the country where we work. We also want to transform Crimea into a trendy destination for international tourists


Crimea Inspire is a company that seeks to make Crimea known to foreign tourists. Crimea Inspire is also an eco-conscious company that seeks to spread the importance to reduce tourism’s impact on the environment. That is why we support environmental projects in Crimea. At the end of each year, we will propose you participate in the selection of a sustainable program for which we will donate 10% of our profits.

Whether you like to travel Crimea by yourself or accompanied, we have English, German, French and Spanish-speaking guides, attending to your needs and wishes. Most of them are local that possess a perfect eye for Crimea. We aim to give you an unforgettable, exclusive experience.

With our dynamic and energetic group of skilled partners, we are creating a team of empowered individuals who allow Crimea Inspire to be in constant progress and growth. In partnership with you, we continue striving to create the best experience you will ever have in Crimea.

Core values

We like to keep things straight forward here. This is why we have come up with the 3 Cs of our fundamental values.

Commitment to Crimean Culture

We are committed to respecting the Crimean culture and showing it off to travelers. We wish to show the true authentic Crimean culture rather than what you see on the surface. We show you the places that make this country tick.

Consciousness in Team Values and Sustainability

We are dedicated to the planet and the country we live in. Although Crimea is not particularly polluted, we must ensure that we respect the environment and the future of our country and planet.

Contentment for the Team and the Travelers

We left a life of books and desks for a reason: people. Nothing matters more to us than our Team, Partners, and the travelers who come to join us for adventures. We care about everyone we work with, from the suppliers to the cleaners to top management. For us, no meeting can be important enough to not allow a knocker at the door to enter. Each individual is as important as the other.

When it comes to travelers, you have our attention from the moment you walk through our doors (or visit our website) until it’s time for you to leave the country. We are not here just to sell you a service. We are here to help you out in any way we can, whether it be directions of where to get an awesome meal or how to use local transport. As friendliness is our best policy, we love getting to know people!

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