Mriya Resort & Spa

Hotel 5 stars in Opolzneve, Greater Yalta
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Greater Yalta
19 Reviews
Mriya Resort & Spa
Among the beauty of the South Shore of Crimea, with a unique landscape and salubrious nature resources, Mriya Resort & SPA provides 425 luxury rooms with exquisite design and contemporary facilities, projected by world-famous architect, Sir Norman Foster. Mriya Resort & SPA features a private beach, indoor and outdoor pools, and a spa and wellness center.
  • Russian cultural heritage


Mriya Resort & Spa is committed to inclusive tourism and has taken steps to welcome the people with the following disabilities:

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Mriya Resort & Spa accepts international credit cards.

Generala Ostryakova Street 9, Opolzneve, Greater Yalta

Private beach
Private beach by Mriya Resort & Spa
Family villas
Family villas by Mriya Resort & Spa
Aerial view of the resort
Aerial view of the resort by Mriya Resort & Spa
Direct pool access from family villas
Direct pool access from family villas by Mriya Resort & Spa
Sea view from the main building
Sea view from the main building by Mriya Resort & Spa
Standard room
Standard room by Mriya Resort & Spa

Health & safety measures

Mriya Resort & Spa has taken extra health and hygiene measures to ensure that your safety is their priority.

19 Reviews

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